Snow Bird

Snow Bird


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Medium :


Paper :

Arches, Cold Press, 140 lbs.

Unframed Size (In) :

10.25 by 5.5

Creating a snow scene from the beautiful Snow Bird, where you can ski, snowshoe, and hike.


Painting snow scenes in watercolors is a great challenge. Snow is a difficult challenge in any medium. But with no white paint presents a different problem. You have to leave the white of your paper, but still create shadows and texture in your snow. My family went for a hike at snow Bird and it was too cold to bring my paints. So I took many reference photos to work from once home.  When working from home, you need to remember the feel of the snow scene. To transport your viewer to that place. I wanted you to feel the cold crispness of the air. But also feel warmth of the setting sun. To feel the quiet and peaceful surroundings of Snow Bird.   

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