Sun Ripened

Sun Ripened

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Medium :


Paper :

Arches, Cold Press, 140 lbs.

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11 by 14

Watercolor of sun ripened grapes. I just love fruit and the harvest season, grapes being one of our favorites. If you’ve never had fresh grape juice, I feel like it tastes how this painting feels. Like you are sitting outside enjoying the sun touching your skin. Living in Utah I never realized how many people grow grapes and how well they grow. I love being able to share this little known side of where I live. Check out this and other paintings in my Gallery. Also if you’re interested in prints you can go to my print store at or you can click on PRINTS in my website.


During the harvest season in September-October just after the first cold shock, is the best time to pick grapes. Which I was doing on a warm fall day so I could make juice for the upcoming winter months. The sun was shining and creating a beautiful glow on the leaves, vines and grapes. I really wanted to paint and capture that beautiful moment. I wanted to remember that warmth and feel of the sun warming my skin. Because winters can be long here in Utah, and sometimes you need a reminder of warmer days.


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