The Idea

After our Gopro came in the mail we were anxious to try it out. My family loves swimming so we brought the Gopro to try it out! The first time I took it into the water it felt weird like I was going to break it. My girls love to swim and pretend to be mermaids ( I did the same thing at their age 🙂 ) I was able to get some great shots of my girls. When we looked at them when we got home I was inspired to paint them! Swimming has always been a big part of my life and now my girls. Now I get to share that amazing feeling you get when underwater and the world is quiet. You feel weightless, like your flying.

My Process

For this painting I really want to make sure that I left the whites. They are very important to this painting and I didnt want to risk losing them. So I started by using Masking fluid to cover all the areas needing to be left white. Also flicking the masking fluid into the water area to resemble little bubbles. After it dried I started the first wash. I didnt want this to be a perfectly flat wash. Because I wanted the appearance of her being underwater. So after the first wash was in I flicked fresh water onto parts of it. The hair in the reflection was fun to do with all the colors. And very interesting seeing what was reflected where. 

 Building up the layers of my painting to get the vibrancy of the colors, and the emotion to show though. It takes time, patience, and practice.

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